Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Green Smoothies Galore

Green Smoothies Galore

Would you like to detox, loose weight, have gorgeous skin and hair, and be full of energy? If you answered "YES!", then raw, green smoothies are the thing for you!

(I feel like I'm doing an advertizement!)

  Green smoothies are extremely simply to make, trust me if there was any rocket-science involved in making theses, I would not be telling you about them!

I cannot say enough about these mean, green, lean ( ok..stopping now...) smoothies! If I have a green smoothie, say one a day for several days, then I go a day without having one, I start to crave them. No, seriously, I do! And this is the kind of craving that you can give into and feel good about! ;)

I think 99.99 % of people now-a-days are all seriously lacking in the raw, green vegetable department. Hardly anybody gets enough of them. But, really who wants to consume a huge bowl full of salad every day? It's defiantly not going to be me! To be honest, I'm not overly fond of eating salads, never have been, and most likely never will. I do make myself eat them, because I know they are so nutritious for me, but I defiantly do not enjoy them. So, is there a solution to the problem? Yes!! Green smoothies to the rescue!

Thanks to the handy-dandy blenders there is now a way for us to get all those healthy greens packed into a delicious drink, that even your kids will enjoy!
Trust me on this one!

Alright! Let's make ourselves some smoothies!

First off, if you do not have a greenhouse full of well...greenery...then you can easily pick up some organic greens (for beginners I suggest using organic spinach, as it's practically taste-less) from the store. 

But for those of us who do have their own greens, just zip out there and grab yourself a bundle of greens.

Currently we only have a few things growing in the greenhouse..

some of those things include these lovely flowers...who's name escapes me at the moment...

We also have a bed..er I mean a plastic water tub..full of assorted greens, such as lettuce, lettuce, and um..perhaps some more lettuce. No actually there are some more greens mixed in, but I am not the most skilled person in plant names so I can't tell you what they are.

There is just something about green plants that make me feel happy and alive...of course it probably has nothing to do with being in the dead (literally) of winter, at the moment and there being no other greenery growing besides that in the greenhouse, no absolutely not, that is no coincidence.

Once you've picked yourself a nice bunch of greens take them indoors and wash them thoroughly. 

A little dirt never hurt nobody, but nobody really wants it in there food, if it can be prevented. Yes? Of course yes!

Next assemble all your ingredients. Below are mine:

Lemon jucie, aloe vera, green juice (we buy organic green/fruit juice from our food co-op), carrot juice, green powder (pretty much it's a bunch of dried herbs & vegetables), and chlorophyll.  

Use your own proportions on this, like I said it's not rocket science. I prefer my smoothies to be more like juice, something I can easily drink using a straw, not a spoon, so I add more liquid to mine. If you want yours to be thicker, add in some yogurt, frozen fruit, apples, bananas, etc. Get creative.

Once you've shoved all your green-gredients in the blender, whizz away until well combined.

If you are not fortunate enough to already have a smoothie bottle, then any 'ole cup will do.

 Here you can see how runny I like mine to be.

And your finished! There now, wasn't that easy! Told you, not rocket-science. ;) 

 It's as easy as baking a cake..unless of course your Fauna...

...then that statement would be invalid, and you'd just have to take my word for it. Savy? 

Enjoy your cup 'o green juice, unless you're like me and you consume the whole blender full. Yes, well I told you I'm addicted to them. I may or may not go completely crazy after consuming said-blender-full-of green-yumminess. So be warned, if you ever come over to my house and I am jumping off the walls and running around like a maniac, it's probably because I just consumed a blender full of greens.

Cheers and down the hatch! 

Blessings - 

~ Aspen


  1. Hmm I'll have to try your version sometime. I like the one I'm doing now. I finally got it how I like it, but I'd definitely would like it to be a bit more runny and not so thick. Do you not put coconut oil in yours now dearest??


  2. No, no coconut oil in mine. I like to put coconut oil in mine if I've having an actual "smoothie", but when it's runny like mine the coconut oil just doesn't go along with the rest of the flavors very well.

    ~ Aspen

    1. Oh really?? I've finally gotten mine down to the right consistency *yay!*, nice and juicy, but I'm still using the coconut oil. You can feel the oil in it, but I don't taste anything funny, Other than the chia seeds... I believe they have an almost peanut like taste... 0_0 but I can just bare it. *smile*