Monday, May 12, 2014

Busy As A Bee

Busy As A Bee

Oh goodness! Where do I even start? It's been crazy around here lately. 

The Meaties are still growing like gang-busters, and seem to grow every time I turn around. I spend several hours a day making sure they are fed, watered, and have clean housing.

I'm working on building them a pvc pipe frame run that I can put them into during the day. Their old run is much too small now and they need more space to run around and play! A post coming up on that when I finish the meantime I think my hands scored several new calluses from trying to twist and pull pvc apart.

The bunnies are doing well. Carolina put a harness on Alora today and let her run around the yard. He went hopping and frolicking around everywhere, with Carolina right on his heels. It was quite a site.

The house chicks, yes I said house chicks, are doing great. I call them my "moth control squad". I'll wake up in the wee hours of the morning to hear them running around chasing moths that were unfortunate enough to go into their brooder. In consequence, my room is (almost) moth free! 

I rehomed three geese on Saturday. A lady drove over from New Mexico to pick them up. Slowly but surely I'm diminishing my herd of feathered fowl.
 After we got home from delivering the geese to her in town, I went to commence my evening chores when I found that two of the geese that she took home had been setting on nests in the Goose House. I gathered all their eggs up and brought them inside to candle them. I found about 8 of the (many) eggs to be viable. They had been setting on goose, duck, and even guinea eggs! I have no idea how those got in there, but oh well! So I now have some unexpected eggs in my incubator at various stages of incubation. Some are about a week along, others are within a week of hatching. Anybody want a duckling???

June, my curly White Sebastopol goose, laid an egg today. I was quite shocked, as I thought she was finished laying for the year. Surprise, surprise!

I have a batch of Brown Leghorns due to hatch this week sometime. These are also for my friend.

I set a couple dozen guinea eggs of various colors this week. So I will have guinea keets for sale about the end of this month. Afterwards, I'm hoping to shut off my incubators, unless of course I get some more orders. ;)

I got a notification that my poults shipped this morning. Please pray for their safe arrival! I guess I need to start setting up some brooders for them, huh? Right after I cleaned out my room and moved all the biddies outside I get new ones in the mail!

Today was a little chilly, so we had to cover up the Meaties pen. Later in the afternoon the sun decided to sun...err..I mean show itself so the Meaties enjoyed several hours outside in the sun, which they enjoyed immensely.

Shipped some hatching eggs (goose, duck, call, and guinea) to Arkansas today. I had to get up a tad bit earlier so I could get them wrapped up before the mail lady came.

Well I have a long list of things to accomplish tomorrow so I'd better hit the hay.

Blessings - 

~ Aspen


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