Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Easter Freebies

Easter Freebies

Monday we went to town as I had to deliver some baby chicks and ducks to some people. After all the people had picked up their birds, Mom and I ran a bunch of errands around town. We found out that someone in town had some chicks that she was giving away, she had too many and the city only allowed her to have 5 chickens and she had a lot more than that. ;) So to make a long story short, we gave her a helping hand and came home with these 5 chicks, who happen to all be roosters! Go figure. However, it isn't a complete loss. We found these little guys are excellent free rangers and really hussel around in search of food. Oh and did I mention the two little kids named two of them? You know what that means, yep, they're keeping two of them for pets and the rest will join the Meaties in the freezer when the time comes.

Rusty was very interested in the new arrivals. ;) *ahem*

Can't you see him drooling???

Coconut wants chicken nuggets mean she likes chicks too!

Despite being roosters, they are full of personality and love attention...and food. 

We took them into the garden to run around a bit and the first thing they did was scratch around in the dirt until they had a nice hole, then they plopped down in it and took a nice dirt bath.

Meanwhile in the yard, Gypsy stands guard over the Meaties and the new red cockerels.

Tulsa: "Momma! I want a chicken nugget too!!!!"

They learned pretty quickly to just follow the humans around, and whenever they call you, come arunnin' because they have a nice juicy worm or bug for you! 

Stockton hand feeding them some goodies he found in the raised bed.

Curious little boogers, aren't they? 

Coconut sat with her face smooshed under the garden gate, whimpering and whining the whole time. Apparently she wants a chicken nugget too! 

Meet Teddy Wattles (below), Carolina's chicken. Stockton named his cockerel Tom. How original, yes?

Teddy is a cutie patootie, wouldn't you agree? 

He's quite fond of just sitting on your hand and snoozing. 

These city chicks sure love country life! My next post will be about a country chick who is a more ways than one! ;) Keep an eye out for that!

Have you ever "rescued" any unwanted Easter critters?

Blessings - 

~ Aspen


  1. Just found your blog from Heirs of During, love the title. Staunch Southerner over here as well. And I love chickens- used to have a bunch but then feed skyrocketed and we had to get rid of them. I'm guessing those are Buff Orpingtons?


  2. Hey Ajax! Nice to meet you. Interesting blog you have going there! ;) Aw, that's too bad. Yes, feed is very expensive. I've been thinning my numbers down as well. No, those boys are probably Production Reds or something along those lines. I've had Buff Orpingtons before and they are real sweet hearts. Thanks for commenting! I LOVE comments!

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen