Friday, May 16, 2014

Meatie Update: Week 3

Meatie Update: Week 3

They enjoyed a day out in the grass, getting moved to a fresh spot once they turned that spot into dirt. *ahem  *

They're getting big...and fat. ;)

Trying to roost in a didn't work very well. He tried to commit suicide by jumping out of the tree, but thankfully I stopped him before he did so!
  A very cute little rooster. I know, I know, I'm not supposed to be getting attached am I? Shoot...too late!

 Some are more feathered than others. About half look like this fella, and the other half just has feathered splotches here and there.

I've noticed them getting very stocky this week, not to mention heavy.

 One of the little red chicks that lives with the Meaties. I'm not sure these three fellas will go into the stew pot. I may put them on pest control duty.
 Some of the less-feather Meaties.

 The new run/play pen I rigged up for them. To make a long story short, we are working on some aquaponics, by using those big plastic water storage/containers, used to haul several 100 gallons of water. Anyway, our project is on hold for a couple of weeks, so we had several of these metal frames lying under the car-port so I grabbed some chicken wire, wrapped it around the frame, and secured it using zip-ties. It works great! 

 I have some sad news to share. We had our first casualty. I have 2 or 3 Meatie runts who are much smaller than the others and they were the only ones that could squeeze through the wire. Well Carolina was riding her bike around the yard and her dog Coconut was out there with her and the next thing we know Coconut comes running around the corner with a chick hanging out of her mouth. We quickly took the poor baby away from her, but it soon died, as it had several puncture wounds in it's back. We are keeping an extra close on the dogs and the Meaties when they are outside. 
 Overall, despite being a bit heavy and awkward to move, it's easy to move and I have to move it about three times a day to a new patch of grass. The Meaties can destroy a spot of grass in aprox. .348 seriously, they seem to have a nack for demolishing anything green.
 Rusty has become very interested in the Meaties this week, too interested for my liking. 

 Taking a mid-morning nap after having a scrumptious breakfast of leftover vegetable broth, crumbles, and boiled eggs. Mmmm

 Oh and in case you've ever heard that Meaties can not fly, well you are mistaken. Several times I've caught the fattest Meaties roosting on the top of the metal run! I was just as shocked as you are!
 This week has gone well, despite loosing one baby to the dog. The Meaties have already out grown their dog carrier. So I've been trying to keep them out on grass every day so the only time they use it is to sleep in. However, by next week I will have to find them something bigger.

 To be continued next week -

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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