Friday, May 9, 2014

The Chicken Chick

The Chicken Chick

Remember little Aragorn? The long-legged Polish chick who I hatched out for a friend? Well, I asked to keep her, as payment for my hatching services.

This is her (I'm assuming it's a her...) as a chicklet.

One of her (many) favorite things to do is snuggle up in a warm blanket for a nap. 

And look completely adorable while doing it! 

This is her from yesterday. My look how she's grown! Already a teenager.

We took her out in the garden with us, along with the red chicks .

Chickens love scampering around, testing out those wings of theirs, taking dirt and sun baths, scratching for bugs etc...ALL chickens like to do this! 

You'd think so wouldn't ya! ;) 

This chick is the exception. She hates, repeat HATES getting dirty. The idea of putting her feet in the dirt makes her cringe. I kid you not.

So whilst the other chicks played in the dirt she sat in the safety of my lap and peeped contently. 

Her favorite place to nap. ;)

She's out of it! ;)

Several times I tried sitting in the raised bed, and put her on the other side of the bed, so she could still see me and would hopefully feel secure enough to free range a bit. 

Not happening.

 As soon as I sat her down she would look around, stunned, and would hop/fly/charge/gallop and so forth (remember I said she doesn't like to get her feet dirty...) back to me, and would fling herself back into my lap or she would fly on top of my shoulder. Once I put her on the sidewalk, the sidewalk people, and she freaked out and flew/hopped back to me. *shakes head*

What am I going to do with this spoiled, chicken (<literally of everything)

Any tips of trying to get this chicken to act like a chicken?

Blessings - 

~ Aspen


  1. I also tagged you for the Sunflower Award over at my blog



  2. It has been my experience that Polish chickens are really sweet and mellow. Ours was a rooster, though, so he kind of grew out of the sweetness. :/ Now he's just pretty ornery.

  3. She is one big cutie, love her hairstyle oh I mean her feather-style it is so cute and stylish ;)

  4. Ajax, thanks for the nomination!

    Reyna - Oh dear! Let's pray miss Princess pants doesn't turn out mean!

    Laura - I recommend that ALL of my blog followers get themselves a house chicken. ;)

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen