Friday, May 9, 2014

Meatie Update: Week 2

Meatie Update: Week 2

The Meaties turned 2 weeks old Friday. It seems like we've had them forever, but I keep having to remind myself it's only been two weeks.

Much to the delight of the Meaties (and myself, and my room), they got kicked outside about 5 days ago. They sleep in a dog carrier on the front porch, and then in the mornings I move them onto the grass for the day, unless the weather is bad then they are confined to the carrier.

The Meaties have been off heating of any sort for about a week and a half. Since they grow so quickly, their body temperature is very high and they generate  heat. Think Meatie-woodstove. You pick them up and you can feel how warm their bodies are.

The red chicks have adapted quite well to the Meaties and everyone continues to get along just fine. 

When you're raising an animal for food, I at least, monitor everything they eat. My mindset is, I'm going to be eating this bird, do I really want to be feeding that to them??? It makes you stop and think about how and what your feeding them.

So besides being moved to a new spot of grass every day, I bring them chopped up greens to pick through in their brooder, along with other healthy snacks to keep them occupied.  

These pictures are from Friday, so here's what they look like as of right now, at 2 weeks old.

As a special treat I made them a mash. Care to take a peek inside their dinner menu?

 Chick starter, warm water, apple cider vinegar, scrambled eggs, shredded carrots, and grass clippings. 

I've still been putting apple cider vinegar in their water, and they seem to be thriving on it. I haven't had any problems with pasty rear-ends or respiratory issues.  

Playing "chase the peep with food!"

I bought some wheat seed last week, and have several trays of fodder going, so they will get their first taste of that in a few days.

Can you say food hogs???

So far, I have had zero losses, all 26 Meaties are still going strong!

To be continued next week:

Blessings - 

~ Aspen


  1. I am now a huge fan of using Apple Cider Vinegar! Three days ago my dog got a hold of our baby rooster. He had a wound on his neck and he was all blown up like a balloon. It was all just air under his thin baby skin, which made me wonder if he lungs were damaged. Since I had grown rather fond of this boy, I started treating him rather than put him down. I gave him Apple cider vinegar in his water, but he wouldn't drink. So I just squirted some all over his food, and he ate it like a charm. He was in such bad shape that we didn't think he would make it through the night. The next morning he was demanding more food. And by that evening he was trying to get out of his box. He is going to stay inside one more night, then he gets to go back outside. Thank you so much for these weekly updates, I was so glad that you are doing this. You just saved a chick's life :)

  2. Kacy, that is so wonderful! Not that your little roo got hurt, but that you were able to save him. Thanks for sharing, it warms my heart to hear it.

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen