Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day On The Town

Day On The Town

Atlanta had a fun day in Franklin planned for us all on Saturday. Full of antiquing, window shopping, and lotsa' walkin'. ; )

Downtown Franklin.

Marian wasn't all too thrilled with our outing. She slept for some of it, but mostly she fussed. I don't blame her a bit. Poor darlin'.

I could care less about antiquing and cloth shopping and window shopping, so I just tagged along as the nursery maid, bag carrier, picture taker, and diaper bag lugger. I enjoyed every bit of it. 

Baby bouncing.

Am I wrong in thinking Marian has a very good chance of being an antique-a-holic? I think not.

Taking a break on some church step, under the shade of this lovely blossoming tree.

We'd prepared a lunch the day before, so after all us hungry individuals ganged back together, we drove out of town to the Franklin battle field. Actually, the whole town of Franklin was a battle field, but I distress. 

Marian took a nap while the rest of us ate lunch, then we took a nap in the sun and looked around at the pretty view and the memorials that were put up, honoring all of the fallen soldiers that fought upon this very field that we picnicked on. It was an odd thing let me tell you, knowing that you are eating lunch on a battle field that your ancestors died on. 

After lunch we hit the downtown again.

Marian was very tuckered out.

I could have spent a few dollars in this store. *ahem*

When I have my own house, my Christmas tree will be decorated with chickens, feathers, and eggs. OH yes it will!

And I'm pretty sure Stockton's tree will be decorated with turtles, fish, and lizards.

Some very adorable plants.

And moss.

I do believe I will be doing some up-cycling very soon. "Oh old chicken feeder....where are you???!!"

I do believe I need a miniature green house.

A tiny chicken coop and garden.

Apparently the fashion in fairy land this year is Hobbit Hole doors. They have good taste. ; )

Fairy furniture.

Apparently we walked into a Fairy Store. Yep, I'm convinced of it.

Next we went into a tea shop where they guessed it...tea and everything associated with making tea.

Then we took a rest...

and then proceeded to one last antique store before heading over to Whole Foods. If you have never been to a Whole Foods have missed out. Lets just say if you are a health junkie you will be ecstatic! I know I sure was.

Then we went home very tired and exhausted. And thus ended our day on the town.

Blessings - 

~ Aspen


  1. Aspen, I'm working on getting the sunshine award posted but I was wondering what a 'pose' is. Sorry or my lack of intelligence;) Your little niece is adorable btw.

    1. Sorry, I meant to ask what a 'prose' was;)

    2. Prose is basically a style of writing. Oh, and make sure you are answering my set of questions, and not Reyna's. I know it can be confusing. : )

      ~ Aspen

    3. Thanks so much! Oh, right, I'll have to remember that;)