Thursday, March 27, 2014

Preening and Such Things

Preening and Such Things

On a warm, windy evening, what better thing to do than preen yourself?

Well unless your a big 'ole fat Sussex names will be mentioned..then you can just lounge around whilst everyone around you is beautifying themselves.

I'm afraid my poor Muscovys are in dire need of a trip to the beauty salon.

Dawn, Big Boy, and Margret are all going through a molt, excluding Hershey.

I think they are very conscious of their looks.

They spent the better half of an hour preening themselves.

Meanwhile, Margret is trying to drink dribblets (<my newly invented word) of water out of the fauset. Silly Maggie!

She seems to be quite determined in her task. Because what's the fun of drinking out of a big kiddie pool full of fresh water? None what so ever.

I do believe I own 2..

or shall I say 7 of the laziest chickens in the county, ;)

And for cutenesses sake, here is Gypsy.

She is cute, fuzzy, very fuzzy, and perfectly adorable.

She also is in dire need of a trip to the beauty salon.

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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