Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happenings In The Hill Country

Happenings In The Hill Country

 So, you heard I suppose that I went MIA for a week? Well not really...I was up in Tennessee, satisfying my baby pains and longings...which is just another way of saying I was holding my sweet niece Marian. 

We left last Thursday (13th) at four oclock in the morning. Cim and I barely managed to squeeze in 3 hours of sleep. After we loaded up the pickup in the dark, said our goodbys and started down the road, we made a stop at a friend's house and picked up a dear friend, Desarae, who braved the journey with us.

I was certain when I was taking pictures with my phone during the road trip that I wouldn't forget which rivers were which. Guess what? I don't remember which river this is! BUT the important thing is that this is a river, and I did take a picture of it. So be happy!

Overall, this wasn't a bad trip. I mean seriously. How often do you get to lounge in the back seat all by your onesies? 

The driver (left) The Navigator (right). 

We were only delayed once when we got stuck in an hour+ long traffic jam. We only barely managed to survive this ordeal.

Another river that the name just-so-happens-to-escape-me-at-the-moment.

When we finally arrived after dark, in Tennessee, at our designated stop, we were greeted by this sweet face. I give your heart permission to melt-into-tiny-pieces.

We ate supper, visited a little, and hit the sack and didn't wake up until the sun was good and up. 

Foot Note: Nobody was bright eyed and bushy tailed...except the squirrels that were hopping around their yard, they were bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Uncle Cimarron. 

Doe he look happy to you? He looks happy to me. But then again, how can you not be happy when you have such a precious angel in your arms. I ask you.

Atlanta and Jordan live very efficiently. They have minimal electricity, they use lanterns as their main source of lighting inside the house, they cook using a wood stove, etc.

Atlanta has decorated their house up very pretty. Don't you think?

I will never not take pictures of cloth diapers drying by the stove..... This is cuteness it's self.

Tea anyone?

Jordan's collection of saws. Trees beware! 

One evening I decided to take a stroll down to Jordan's parent's house (phew), who live right across the creek. 

The log bridge...because that just sounds so much better than the board bridge.

Walking up the lane towards their house.

Yes, the real reason for my visit is revealed! Their momma cat had a litter of kittens a couple weeks before, and the whole week I was there the kittens were opening their eyes! Aren't they adorable?

Atlanta and Jordan are getting one of these grey/black striped kittens to hopefully take care of their bad rat and mouse problem.

They were about the size of a smartphone, if that gives you an idea on size.

Two kittens were black with white splotches and white mittens. 

However, my favorite was this dun striped kitten. Precious? Of course precious!

Think I can talk my Mom into letting us bring home a couple of them? I'll let you know how that goes....*ahem*

Cuteness overload peoples! 

For my happiness, I need a human baby, and a batch of kittens.

Sadly, I had to tear myself away. *sigh* They were so cute and fuzzy! 

Just be glad that I didn't take a gob of pictures of their Angora rabbits. Your welcome. 

Add Angora rabbits to the list of "Must Have In Order To Be Happy List". 

The walk back to A & J's cabin is very pretty.

An open field that sits next to the Goodwin's house. 

I have a thing for lanes with trees growing beside it.

 Of course, I have a thing for trees in general.

I did say hill country didn't I? Well yes I did. And the country sure lives up to it's name. 

Looking up at the tree-tops.

Oh look! A fairy house! How quaint. 

The pretty little creek that runs by their house.

More beautiful green moss growing on trees.

 Meanwhile, back inside, sweet little Marian is doing her stretches.

Oh look! Theres Auntie Aspen!

Get ready to be bombarded with pictures 'gents.

 B i G   Y a w n

 Trying on some new dresses!

Dress up makes sweet baby tired.

She has an idea!!

 Tiny Toes.

"Auntie Aspen STOP your flashing over there!!"

Thumb sucking.

Toe yoga.

Darlin', just darlin'! 

This child is a wiggle worm!! 

And a toe wiggler! 


I wish I had such a set of cute toes! 

Marian being silly.

I'm sure glad y'all don't ever get tired of toe pictures, because I sure don't! 

Wild expressions!

Look at that smile and those chubby widdle' cheeks! 

Wild, adorable, child! 

Toe admiring. 

Marian doesn't like toe admirers. 

This child is too cute! Wait a minute! There is no such thing as too cute. Humph.

Her favorite thing is to be held, and bounced...violently.

What a sweet smile. : )

 Sleepy Marian.

 On Sunday, after church, Jordan drove us around on some back roads. They especially wanted to show Desarae and I this lovely place!

Blessings - 

~ Aspen


  1. Haha! You're not the only one who loves to take pictures of roads lined with trees and just trees in general!! :) You would LOVE the dirt road down to our house. It's lined with trees almost the whole way down!
    I must admit that kittens are indeed cute, but I can't stand them unless they are outside/barn/farm cats. :)
    Marian is beyond adorable!! She's just as cute as my siblings!!! Which is saying something just so you know lol I don't normally think other babies to be nearly as cute as my mom's but I think her sweet cheeks got me!!! I love the big chipmunk cheeks!!
    She is definitely a Shannon! All you kids can be a bit violent, so to speak ;) lol!
    You can never get tired of baby toes and fingers! They are just way too adorable, itty bitty, little, tiny, and cute!!!
    You are so lucky! I can't wait to be an aunt!!!

  2. Hopefully I'll get to see it very soon, yes?

    She defiantly has chipmunk cheeks! Just violent....?? ; )

    ~ Aspen

  3. Oh Aspen she is so cute...... I don't think there are any words in any language that describe a baby to justice. Unfortunately the posts of her are giving me a bad case of baby pains. :)
    The kittens are cute as well, but I must say that Marian kind of puts a damper on the kittens cuteness. :)
    Do you have any idea when they will come down? So excited to see her in person.
    Tell Atlanta that I think she has won the contest of cutest baby...other than my little brothers :)

    1. They will be coming down sometime in May. I shall.

      ~ Aspen