Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bug Exterminator Duty

Bug Exterminator Duty

One afternoon whilst hoeing in the garden I found one of our raised beds that we're fixing to plant, infested with Rolly Polly bugs! Those nasty bugs will eat the roots of your plants and therefore killing the plant. So they must die!
We rigged up a makeshift pen from pallets and signs and sicked the chickens and ducks on'em.

We brought Daffy and Taffy along so they wouldn't be lonely, but after observing them for awhile we noticed that Daff' and Taff' were gobbling up the bugs faster than the chickens could even see them! 

For the most part they had a lovely afternoon out in the warm sun scratching around in our raised bed (a thing they only dream of in their sleep I'm sure).

Anytime Little Man found a good snack for his girls (Ms. Fuzzypants included), they would all come clambering over to see what he found for them. He's such a tiny little gentleman!

Oh and did I mention we had crowing contests? Well we did. Little Man won. ;)

Lots of preening went on that afternoon (vain birds!).

Not to mention dust baths! It was basically spa day in the garden for the birds.

Upon inspection the next day I only found a small circular spot in the bed that had bugs still in it. I promptly dumped a bucket of DE on top of it and stirred it around the rest of the bed. Hopefully that took care of the little boogers!

Little Man thinks he should be hired full time, and be payed an outrageous sum of money! He says tilling the garden is extremely labor intensive and he doesn't get near enough credit for all the work he does. *sigh* What am I going to do with him???

Have you ever put your chickens to work?

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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