Friday, April 11, 2014

Fire!! Fire!!

Fire!! Fire!!

Wednesday afternoon I was lolly-gagging around in my room and received a phone call from a friend, asking if we were OK. Me: " Yeah, shouldn't we be??" Then they said well what about the fire? Me: "WHAT FIRE??!!" The one right by your hou.... Me: " Hang on a second......" *runs outside frantically looking for a fire....oh LOOK! ...runs back inside* Me: " You mean THAT fire over by Northfield that looks dangerously close to our house?" Yes. Me: "OK then, I'm gonna hop off the phone and go call the firemen!" 

That's *pretty* much how it went. We were oblivious to the fire until our friend (who shall remain anonymous) called to warn us about it. Right after that, Dad called to see if we were alright. I sure am glad that people are looking out for us!

You could see the smoke billowing up, and the flames blazing, from the wheat field by the house. It was quite intimidating, let me tell ya! 

Apparently the fire was started by some people's vehicle's motor. The grass was so dry that the mere heat of it caused the pasture to come a-blaze! Yipes!
The fire burned uncontrollably for sometime before the firemen made it out there. I *think* at it's best, the fire was about a mile and a half long, but very narrow. The wind was blowing incredibly strong that day (welcome to west Texas...) so the flames were being carried on the wind and were leaping the road and onto the other side. Scary? Of COURSE scary!! But thankfully they were able to put it out before it caused any further damage.

That all happened on Wednesday afternoon (4/9). The next day we had to go down to Northfield (which is several miles from our house), to pick-up a package. We drove down the road surveying the damage that was done. Here's what we saw:

What an eventful day it was. So keep a sharp eye out, and don't drive out in a dry pasture of grass with any kind of vehicle. Please and thank-you.

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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  1. I glad y'all are safe! That must have been pretty scary having such a big fire burning so close to your house - and yes, I won't drive out in a dry pasture with any kind of vehicle. ;)