Sunday, April 27, 2014

Random Hodge Podge of Pictures That Are Overdue

Random Hodge Podge of Pictures That Are Overdue

Been missin' me? Well humph! I missed all of you! In defense of my not posting, I promise there is an excellent explanation for it! I have been extremely busy.....and you shall soon know why! ;) But that's another post, for now let's catch you up on some past events, shall we? I downloaded all the pictures off my phone, so there is a gob that I haven't posted.  

Remember I said I was hatching out some chicks for a friend of mine? Here is the latest batch of eggs that got shipped in, 2 1/2 dozen Brown Leghorn eggs! 

This weekend I whipped up a batch of my delicious homemade granola bars, along with some almost-gluten free brownies.

Enjoy these beautiful cloud pictures! Unfortunately, we didn't end up with more than a couple of sprinkles out of it all. 

It's amazing how it can be perfectly sunny and bright, and the next moment the clouds move in and it turns dark. 

A strange grey/brown haze we had one morning. 

I absolutely love sunbeams coming out of the sky. Magnificent!

Put 35 Easter Eggers in lockdown in the hatcher several days ago, they are all hatching right now..but more on that later.

Also put some Lavender Orpingtons, and assorted colors of Silkies into the hatcher.

 You wouldn't believe how much Aragorn, Eomer, Gimli and Sauron have grown since I've taken this picture. Updated pictures coming soon...

Carolina and I were out picking flowers one morning and saw this lovely butterfly fluttering around.

 Can you spot the duck egg in this picture?

Oh look! There it is! Apparently, the duck that laid this egg thinks she deserves a throne to lay her eggs on. Mmmm

Lorna, who thinks she's an oversized puppy. *ahem* We haven't plucked up the courage to tell her that she's actually a horse, and cannot come inside.

Pixie, who also thinks she belongs inside with the rest of the puppy dogs. 

Barefooted...who ME? Oh yeah, that's me. 

I am in-love with Pixie's hair, it reminds me of a Shetlands pony's mane.

Obviously, Pixie and Lorna were posing...

Are you tired of clouds pictures yet? No? Good! Me either.

Taking an evening walk.

Gypsy and Coconut taking a stroll up the road and checking out all those new scents. ;)

Stockton and Carolina got some new plants, including some Elephant Ears...yes strange name I know, but it sure fits the plant!

Little Man, being camera shy. 

Spending a little quality time with the girls. Ms. Fuzzypants is a good lap chicken. If you ever need a lap warmer, let me know, I'll let you borrow her. 

A Serama and a Call duck egg, aren't they tiny?!

Daffy, Taffy, Bunny (yes I have a duck named Bunny, got a problem with that??) and my Pied drake who lacks a name.

I'm very pleased with this coop arrangement. The chickens and Call ducks get along well, and it allows me to easily gather their eggs, instead of having to search high and low for them, like I did before.

However, I'm afraid the Peababies don't share my opinion. 

Tulsa: "Momma, take these alien creatures back to where they came from!!"

Tulsa: "Mommmyyyy! Ello'???"

Princey boy, looking fabulous, as always.

Tulsa: "Oh and um Mommy, when you get rid of those alien creatures, make sure you bring us some treats! Don't forget!"

 See Prince? He displays just about every morning for his ladies, but guess what?

As soon as I pull out my camera, he drops his tail, and is like, "Hey Mom! Wheres the treats??" Good grief.

Oh well, half of a displayed tail is still pretty, right? 

The ducks escaped their pen and came up to the front yard for a visit. 

Secretly, I think they were hoping I'd give them a treat..since they were in the area. 

It's hard to believe that just a short week ago, Aragorn and his companions were inside the these eggs!

Kayla,this is for you! I found this grass spider while watering the peach trees and thought of you instantly.

Meet Charlie, our attack goose who is always on patrol. 

Beware if you try and mess with one of Charlie's girls, you will get bitten. ;)

A beautiful foggy morning.

I found one of the Call ducks atop the peafowl pen one morning, she must enjoy an excellent birds eye view. ;)

Blessings - 

~ Aspen


  1. Haha!! Love it! Though I'm not sure if that's a good thing.... but I'll take it as a compliment! ;)


  2. We used to have a duck nesting in our landscaped area around our house. On several occasions, when it was fogging, she would scare people by walking out in front of them. It being foggy out, the people jumped right out of their skin. We called her our guard duck/attack duck:) By the way, your horses are beyond beautiful. How may do you have and what are their names?