Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Coop On The Corner

New Coop On The Corner

Soooo...a couple days ago Carolina helped me build a new pen for Caspian and June (my pair of curly white Sebastopols). After we moved them to their new pen I was contemplating who/what I should put in the now-recently-vacated  chain link pen. After some thought I decided I wanted to move my Seramas, Splash Cochins, and a few selected Call ducks over to it. I already had a small hutch that Dad built me several years ago, so I had the guys tow that over there for me. Then I also added in a small nesting box, located on the ground for the chickens/ducks to lay or sleep in. I carried several stumps into their pen to use for dual purposes. 1). for the chickens and ducks to perch/stand on 2). to use as a chair for me when I'm visiting them. I dumped some wood ashes in their run for them to (hopefully..if they're smart enough) dust bath in, along with a pile of hay for them to rummage through. Overall, I think they are enjoying their new digs.

Yes, yes, I know. My hutch is in dire need of painting. Any color suggestions? 

I thought that the chickens would more than likely take up roosting on these stumps. But low and behold when I came to check on them a few minutes after I'd placed the stumps in there, what do I find but the Call ducks roosting on them and playing "King of The Stump". More stumps maybe in order...

Ms. Fuzzypants is quite contented with lounging around her new pen, and towering over it's other occupants. ;)

This pictures shows were their pen is situated. They share a wall with the peababies.

Little Man struttin' his stuff!


Daffy's caboose. ;)


I'm afraid the peababies are not thrilled with their new next door neighbors.

Prince: "Where did you fowl creatures come from?" 

Prince: "Momma, please take these little aliens back to where they came from!!"

Prince: "They freak me out..."

Tulsa preening herself.


Such a pretty girl. <3

Meanwhile, Tamina is back there peering into the Magic Looking Glass....  "Mirror, mirror in the pool..who is the fairest in the land?"

Prince's new favorite thing to do is display and strut back n' forth in front of the ducks, pecking them in the face if they get to close. Silly boy just likes to show off his lovely array of feathers. Heck, I would too if I had such pretty feathers!

Prince, has anyone ever told you, you have beautiful eyes?

Tulsa, have I ever told you that you scare me at times? Good stink-eye by the way..

Tulsa: "Where are my treats, human? Bring them to me quickly and nobody gets hurt." 

My handsome Splash Cochin roo.

The Calls checking out their new nesting area.

One of my pretty Gray Call females, who is in the breeding pen this year.

Chocolate Bibbed drake.

Bunny, Black Bibbed female.

Ever wonder what a rooster would look like who is about to attack the camera and tear it's handler limb from limb? Well here is just such a picture....

I did not survive this picture___ 

Daffy & Taffy.

Ms. Fuzzypants preening. Surely I cannot be the only one who simply adores looking at a big, poofy, chicken preening, right? 

 Overview of the _____*<insert name here<* Any name suggestions people?

Napping ducks and a paranoid peahen. Say that three times fast. I dare you! Paranoid peahen, paranoid peahen, paranoid peahen..*pants exhaustedly...* Wow that's hard!

Little Man looking after his harem of sleepy hens.

Apparently, one of the duties of looking after your hens, includes beating up the photographer....HELP!!!!!!!!! Run for it.

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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