Friday, January 24, 2014

Meet Creamy

Meet Creamy

Remember when Finton's sweet female, Fiona, passed away? He has been a bachelor for some time now. We could tell he was pretty lonesome and we felt pretty badly for him, he is just the cutest fella and we love him to death, and um you might say we spoil him. But just a teensy, tinsy bit mind!  ; )

One day while in town, Momma brought back a surprise for him, his own little female. But she doesn't look much like him, No Sir, this girlie is solid white with leaky I mean grey marks on her cheeks.

Meet Creamy <3 

As you can see, they are quite attached to each other. The first time we put them in a cage together, Finton came up to her and gently started pecking her on each cheek and on her beak. I kid you not. He was kissing her, I'm absolutely positive of it. He now spends his day finding her the best treats, remaking the nest 50+ times a day, and then when he calls her over to inspect his work, and she turns up her tail at it, he rearranges everything yet again for her. I've also noticed he has been preening himself alot more than he used to when he was single. He is totally smitten with her.
We are secretly hoping that come spring, she will lay some eggs and sit on a clutch of eggs, and hatch us out some teeny Finches. Fingers and Toes crossed! We've heard that if you can hand raise the babies, they are a lot friendlier and love attention. Anyway, we shall see.

Blessings - 

~ Aspen

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  1. How adorable!!! Oh my. He sounds hilarious with her! Our male parakeet was that way with the female, but she was playing 'hard to get' pretty well. ;-) lol!
    Can't wait to hear if your 'cute couple' has any eggs!!!