Friday, January 10, 2014

Living Vegetable Trash Cans

Living Vegetable Trash Cans

Don't ya hate throwing out good, organic veggie scraps?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could put all your leftover vegetables to good use? 

Well, you can. The solution is called "Own a Couple of Rabbits".

Here, Alora is enjoying some bell pepper trimmings.

The bunnies get all the leftover vegetables, and in return they give us lots of compost. And I do mean lots.  

Come spring, all the lovely compost that has built up over the winter, can be tilled into the soil in the garden to help the new sproutlings thrive and grow.

On another note, I think Chip might be expecting a litter anytime now. Did I tell you I think Alan, Alora, and Dutchess are all boys? Yep. I think there is a pretty good chance she is pregnant. I check her cage every morning, expecting to find a fur nest full of tiny, pink, naked, kits.

Alora is an attention case you haven't noticed by all the pictures of "her" sticking "her" nose in the camera. 

Lately, when I tote all the bunnies outside for the day, Alan has started a bad habit of nipping (biting) me. Solution = carrots. Now, every time I carry them to their hutch, I let them nibble on a carrot, instead of my fingers. This makes the trip more enjoyable for everyone. 

Do you have any living vegetable trash cans?

Blessings - 

~ Aspen


  1. Yes, we had some meat rabbits a while ago, and they would eat all of the vegetable scraps. Then, when we butchered them, we got about sixty chickens, and they ate our scraps. Then we had pigs, and of course they eat everything, but we butchered the pigs too, and now we have to throw the scraps away, I hate doing it! I'd love to see pictures of the baby rabbits when their born, our's had babies too and I loved them!

  2. Perhaps you should look into raising some worms. We raise meal worms, and red wigglers. Anything that doesn't go to the bunnies (like potato peelings, etc) go's to the worms. In return they can be fed to the chickens for a protein snack, and we can use their "compost" in the garden, it's supposed to make the Best fertilizer. I've also heard you can sell extra worms for side income, and their compost, 'cause as I said before it's supposed to be some top notch stuff for helping plants to thrive.

    ~ Aspen

  3. Oh thank you for telling me, I've never thought about raising worms.